Art, Chief of Stuff

I like to make things happen. With 25 years experience in tech–websites, publishing and writing–I’ve worked with a range of clients from start-ups to acclaimed artists. There’s nothing better than a challenge. I migrated east from Ohio where I had the honor of graduating from Antioch, the seminal institution for creative thinking. There were also stops for grad and post grad journalism studies).

I launched a successful hyperlocal news site for the town of Groton, covering all news all the time. I’m in the process of creating a similar site, The Plymouth Line, volunteer inspired and adding to the local talk around town.

Chief of Stuff means I’m the guy who knows the guts as well as the glory of what computers can do and how websites can work best for clients; I’m a professional photographer, shooting for product and mood images for our clients.

When I have free time, you can catch me on the backroads on my BMW motorcycle, cruising with a big smile on my face.